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Nickel 2 phosphate is a greenish powder that is best suited to electroplating or other applications requiring a non-hazardous material. It is a good conductor of heat and light, and is resistant to moisture. It is also an effective insulator and deodorizer, proving to be a good choice for household items as well as industrial equipment and machinery.

Ni phosphate is a member of the nickel group of elements with the atomic number 81 and a stable oxidation state of +2 ppm. Its most interesting properties are its ability to oxidize urea to form a nickel(III)-urea complex in high concentrations and to convert ethylene to acetic acid, thereby reducing the energy required for oxygen reduction by the hydroxyl radical in ethane forming a new compound – a feat that has never been achieved with commercially available NiO.

The chemistry of nickel phosphate is still under investigation, with a focus on its role in promoting bone formation. However, it has received little attention in the literature and it remains a largely unexplored area of research.

What is the most important chemist’s rule of thumb for nickel phosphate?

Using the formula: Nickel (IV) oxide + PO4 + water, a solution is prepared which can be oxidized in a variety of solvents to produce a heptahydrate.