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Nickel is a chemical element with atomic number 23 and molecular weight 57.4. It is an important metal for the production of ferromagnetic alloys, magnetic bearings and other metal-oxide hybrids as well as in fuel cells. It can be found in natural deposits as a laterite or magmatic sulfide.

NiS is a water and acid soluble nickel source with potential applications in dye-sensitized solar cells, batteries, catalysts and other nickel devices. It also has high solubility in nonpolar solvents and compatibility with organic polymers for hybrid nickel sulfide/polymer nanocomposites.

We prepared nickel sulfide thin films and nanocrystals via three different routes from the metal xanthate precursors NiXa-C6 and NiXa-C7 (Fig.1). We characterized the prepared NPs with FTIR spectroscopy and thermogravimetric measurements.

In both solvothermal and room temperature synthesis approaches, nickel xanthates dissolved in toluene were reacted with oleylamine at a reaction temperature of 200 degC to elicit the formation of the nanoparticles. The resulting black-colored NPs were subsequently purified by precipitation in methanol and dissolution in chloroform. TEM-EDX analysis of the prepared NPs revealed that they consisted of hexagonal NiS as the main phase and cubic Ni3S4 as secondary phase with a sulfur-rich composition.

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