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Silicon is the second most abundant element and can be found in a wide range of chemical compounds. Known as silicon dioxide (SiO2) and silicon carbide (SiC), it is used to polish metals and create glass. It also occurs naturally in a variety of minerals such as flint, agate, and jasper.

The chemistry of silicon is particularly complex, making 29Si NMR spectroscopy an important tool for investigating this element. The technique can be applied to the characterization of a large variety of materials, including siloxane polymers, porous silicon, functionalized silica, and zeolites. The application of advanced techniques to enhance sensitivity for 29Si NMR has led to significant gains in detection and measurement accuracy.

For silicon-containing compounds in solution, the 29Si NMR chemical shifts are very characteristic. The 29Si NMR tensors of the silylenes 83-85 exhibit one dominant deshielded contribution (d29Si 75 ppm for 82, 93 ppm for 85, and 115 ppm for 84). In contrast, 29Si NMR spectra of solid materials are much more heterogeneous.

Silicon has many microelectronic applications, but it is especially useful when enriched to high levels of its natural isotopes – silicon-28 and silicon-30. With its unique gas centrifugation isotope enrichment process, Orano Stable Isotopes can supply silicon 29 to customers with a guaranteed purity level of 99,9999% for all three of its natural isotopes. This ensures the high quality of products produced by manufacturers that require high performance from their silicon-29 isotopes.