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Nano silicon The term crystalline silicon is used to describe particles that are smaller than 5 nanometers in diameter. Nano silicon powders are characterized by their high purity, fine particle size and uniform distribution. It is non-toxic with a large surface, high surface activity and low bulk density. Nano-silicon powder is a novel generation of optoelectronic semiconducting materials, with a wide gap energy semiconductors. It is also an extremely powerful light source. The main uses of nano-silica powder
The organic silicon polymer is made from organic matter.
The metal silicon is purified into polysilicon.
Metal surface treatment;
Use graphite or nanocarbon powder as anode in lithium batteries to increase their capacity;

Preparation of nano silicon
Nano silicon is prepared by using coarse silicon in the current Nano materials. The millimeter scale coarse silicon is generally crushed down to less than 100 microns, and then ground with a nanometer level using a sandmill. The grinding medium is used to rub, impact and shear the material in this method.
Application of nanosilicon in the floor industry
Nano-silicon The material is a full-water, inorganic mortar. This product is resin-based, and can therefore be used in conjunction with resin products. Nano-silicon products can penetrate concrete and are matched to cement and quartz. This ensures a very strong adhesion with the original substrate, and no cracking or delamination. It is an essential material for modern floors products.

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