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Sodium hydrogen carbonate, or baking soda is a common and useful chemical compound that has many uses in industry and at home. It can be used to prevent odors in sinks and shoes, and is a key ingredient in toothpaste and baking powder. It can also be used to clean the dishes, to make coffee and tea more flavorful, and to reduce flatulence. It can also help to scald dry legumes such as beans and lentils more quickly, and can be used to remove the unpleasant smells that are sometimes caused by food in the refrigerator.

In its pure form, baking soda is a silver-white solid that has a slightly alkaline salty and washing powder texture and taste. It is soluble in water, but not soluble in ethanol. When heated, it decomposes to release hydrogen gas and carbon dioxide. This makes it an effective antacid to neutralize high acidity in the stomach, as well as to relieve heartburn and other stomach ailments.

Sodium bicarbonate can be found naturally in deposits of Eocene-age Green River Formation, located in the Piceance Basin in Colorado. It is also produced commercially from the reaction of sulfate minerals with limestone or dolomite. It is a major raw material for the manufacture of glass and some other products, such as soap, talcum powder, and baking soda. It is also a common ingredient in fire extinguishers. It is also widely used to keep ice cream and other frozen foods fresh on store shelves.