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Spherical quartz powder It is made by using a carefully selected, irregular-angled, silicon micropowder for the raw material. Then, it is shaped into a round shape with flame melting to get a silica powder that has a low stress, good fluidity, small surface area and a low specific surface.

Spherical Quartz Powder Properties

Spherical Quartz Powder has excellent properties including a smooth surface and a large specific surface area. It also has chemistry that is stable, as well as a high degree of hardness.
Firstly, the spherical granules are well-mixed with resin and form a thin film. The resin content is low, while the quartz powder amount is high. This can result in a mass percentage of up to 90.5%. The more quartz powder that is added to the mold, the less thermal conductivity it has and the less thermal expansion coefficient. The performance of electronic components is improved when they are closer to monocrystalline silicon’s thermal expansion coefficient.

Second, the stress on the spherical quart powder is only 60% that of an angular powder. And the plastic molding material made of spherical quart powder has the least concentration of stress and the greatest strength.

Finaly, the spherical shaped powder has a smooth, non-abrasive surface with a low coefficient of friction. It also wears the mold less, which increases its service life by more than ten times.

Applications for Spherical quartz powder

It has many applications. However, its main market is electronic packaging. Electronic packaging is an important industry that supports integrated circuits. The packaging requirements are increasing as integrated circuits get larger and larger.

Microelectronic packaging requires a high level of moisture resistance, low radiation, resistance to dip-soldering and reflow-soldering, as well as good sealing performance. Spherical Quartz Powder is used as an important EMC material. This powder must meet specific packaging specifications, and also have a high level of purity, low alpha radiation, and spherical particle shape.

Quartz powder, which is mainly used for electronic packaging, can also be used for high-quality cosmetics, precision ceramics at high levels of quality, precision grinding optical devices, electronic components, as well fillers and special paints.

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