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Overview of Manganese Dioxide Pulver
Manganese dioxide This inorganic compound has the chemical formula of MnO2. It is found in nature in the form pyrolusite. Physical properties: Amorphous black powder or black orthorhombic black crystals. Solubility in water, weak acid, weak basis, and cold sulfuric acid. Heating and crushing concentrated hydrochloric acids to produce chlorine.
MnO2 (alpha polymorph) is able to bind various atoms (and even water molecules) in the “tunnels”, or “channels” that exist between the manganese dioxide octahedrons. A-MnO2 has been a popular choice as a cathode to lithium ion battery batteries.
Amphoteric oxide manganese dioxide. It is a stable, black powdery substance at room temperature that can be used as depolarizer to dry batteries. It is commonly used in laboratory to make chlorine by its oxidizing and concentrated hydrochloric Acid actions. Manganese oxide is an acid medium strong oxidant. Manganese dioxide is an [MnO2]-octahedron. The top of the Octahedron has the oxygen atom and the bottom is the octahedron. [MnO2] Octahedrons may be joined together to form single strands or double strands. These chains, together with other chains, form an octahedral (or hexagonal close packed) or square close-packed tunnel structure.
Manganese dioxide can be described as an amphoteric oxygen. The perovskite structures also contain corresponding salts such as BaMnO3 / SrMnO3 which are obtained through a compound react in a molten acid system. Also, there is manganese Tetrachloride.
Manganese Dioxide MnO2 CAS 1313-13-9
What are the applications of Manganese Dioxide Pulver?
Useful as a dry battery depolarizer, catalyst and oxidant in synthesis, coloring agent, decolorizer and iron removal in the enamel and glass industries. It is used to make metal manganese, special alloys, ferromanganese casters, gas masks and electronic materials ferrites. It is also used in the rubber industry to increase rubber’s viscosity. It can also serve as a catalyst for chemical experiments.
Organic synthesis
Organic chemistry uses manganese dioxide extensively. Manganese dioxide can be used to make oxides in a variety of forms. Manganese dioxide can be described chemically as MnO2*x[H2O]n. This is because it has multiple crystal forms. However, n may be greater than 0. You can make manganese dioxide by reacting potassium permanganate with manganese sulfate at different pH.
Conversion of alcohols into aldehydes is one of the special chemical reactions that manganese dioxide performs. Manganese dioxide won’t oxidize alcohol with a double bond.
No matter how active the product, it won’t be oxidized. Manganese dioxide is capable of oxidizing diols into dialdehydes. Manganese dioxide also has many other reactions that can be used for oxidizing aromatics, trils, and amines.
Use in the lab
As a catalyst in the decomposition and production of oxygen from hydrogen peroxide; as a catalyst in the heating of potassium chlorate to heat to create oxygen; thermite reaction to produce manganese. It is used in the production of pigments such as yellow glass and other colors. To produce chlorine, react with hot concentrated hydrochloric Acid in the air; to produce potassium manganate in the reaction of potassium pemanganate in the ground.
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