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The tungsten carbide melting point is the temperature at which a solid metal will turn into a liquid. This is a significant property for this hard, durable alloy and makes it useful in many applications.

The melt point of tungsten can range from 3 422°C to 6 192°F, depending on the alloy used. It is an important property for this material because it determines how easy it will be to form and work with.

Typically, tungsten is mixed with carbon to make it less brittle. This allows tungsten to be used in areas that would otherwise be too dangerous or difficult to handle on its own.

Tungsten is also used to make hardmetal, which is used in a variety of products that require strength and durability. These include high-speed tools, military weapons, armor, and mill products.

Another use of tungsten carbide is in the jewelry industry. This hard and dense material can be cut, shaped, and polished to create rings that look stunning and are more affordable than most precious metals.

Tungsten carbide has some of the highest-strength and toughest properties of any material, which is why it is so popular in the construction world for blades and drill bits. This is especially true when it comes to drilling into materials like cement and asphalt, which can be incredibly difficult to penetrate.

Tungsten carbide is second only to diamond in elastic resilience, and it is even stronger than most steels. It has a very high compressive strength of 2683 MPa at room temperature, and it retains its strength even as temperatures change.