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zinc granules (Zn(II)) are the unevenly shaped particles of zinc formed when molten zinc is poured into water. They are larger in size than the particles of zinc powder. They are used in the preparation of hydrogen gas due to their large surface area, which is very helpful for producing hydrogen.

The chemical reaction of zinc granules and hydrochloric acid produces hydrogen and zinc chloride in a single replacement reaction. It is a very simple and fast reaction.

It is a common practice in laboratories to use zinc granules when preparing hydrogen gas. This is because they contain an impurity called copper, which acts as a catalyst and speeds up the reaction. In addition, the zinc granules are more finely ground and therefore expose a greater surface area for the acid to attack.

They are also widely used in electrochemical reactions, for example to remove cations from solutions of copper, mercury, iron and other metals. They are also used for distillation of organic compounds, in which they form ozonide.

The dust is used for a variety of purposes, including painting, which prevents steel surfaces from rusting. It is also a component in anti-corrosion paints that protect bridges and other structures from corrosion and rusting. It is also commonly used to prepare a coating for metals such as copper, brass and nickel. In this way, it is similar to iron powder. However, it is important to know the difference between these two products.