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1,1′-Diacetylferrocene is a member of the class of organometallic compounds known as metallocenes. These molecules are composed of a sandwich structure with a pair of cyclopentadienyl rings separated by an iron ion. Each ring is linked to its own carbon atom by overlapping ns, (n-1)d and np orbitals. These bonded electrons allow the molecules to bond with d-orbitals on their own Fe2+ ions. This chemical is from the Keehn Lab and has been synthesised to study and understand molecules that have unusual architecture or unique physical and/or chemical properties.

1,1′-Diacetylferrocene has a melting point of 173 degrees C and is not reported as hazardous under Section 313. It does not have a TPQ or an OSHA Vacated PEL. Personal protective equipment should be worn at all times when handling this product.