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indium sulfate – In2(SO4)3

The water soluble, hygroscopic solid In2(SO4)3, commonly known as indium sulfate is a basic sulfate salt of the metal indium. It is available in the form of anhydrous powder, hydrated salt or variable concentration solution and can be packaged in standard or custom sizes to meet your specific needs.

indium sulfate is moderately water and acid soluble and compatible with sulfates for uses ranging from basic compounds to organometallic sulfates used in applications such as electroplating, water treatment and synthesis. It is also soluble in organic solutions and can be dispersed or deposited using suspended and coated nanoparticles as well as sputtering targets.

It is useful in the preparation of Indium or Indium containing substances like copper indium selenide for use as an electroplate or as a hardening agent in gold electroplating baths. It is also used to prepare indium alum, indium pentaaluminum sulfate and indium alum phosphate for smelting.

This is an important source for the production of indium metal, indium oxide and indium tin oxide (ITO) which is used in a variety of fields including optics and microelectronics that utilize semiconductor technology. Indium tin oxide is also used in high-performing solar cells. It is often used in combination with other metals to increase the efficiency of solar cells. It is also sometimes used in dietary supplements for increasing energy, preventing aging and boosting the immune system. It is also sometimes given intravenously as an anticancer medication called indium pentetreotide.