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Aluminum sulfide is moderately water and acid soluble source for uses compatible with sulfates.

It is an inorganic compound with the chemical formula Al2S3. A grey substance, it is also known as dialuminium trisulfide and alum.

Aluminium sulfide is used as a dye fixer for textiles. It has a strong affinity for dyes, so when it is dissolved in large amounts of water that have a neutral or slightly alkaline pH, it produces a gooey substance that helps the dye stick to the fabric fibers.

This substance has many practical uses in the medical field, including its coagulating ability on minor cuts and abrasions as well as deodorant (due to its antibacterial properties). It also is used to adsorb protein antigens in solution, which improves vaccine immunogenicity.

Aluminum sulfide is also a very good chelating agent for protein-bound nucleophiles such as nitric oxide, forming an antibacterial complex that inhibits the formation of harmful enzymes in the body. It is also a good disinfectant for wounds and mucous surfaces, and it can be applied directly to the skin as an antimicrobial ointment.

Aluminium sulfide is a very sensitive substance to moisture, so it needs to be stored in air tight sealed containers or ampoules that can be safely removed from the atmosphere. This can prevent it from hydrolyzing into hydrogen sulfide, an extremely toxic gas.