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Gallium nitride

The chemical formula of GaN is used to describe an inorganic material. It is made up of gallium and nitrous oxide. Gallium Nitride is a direct-bandgap semiconductor that has been widely used in light emitting diodes (LEDs) since 1990. This compound is similar in structure to wurtzite and has high hardness.

Gallium Nitride Properties:

Gallium Nitride is a compound with an extremely high melting temperature. The melting point is around 1700degC. GaN is ionized to a very high degree, the highest of all Group III-V substances. GaN has a hexagonal, wurtzite-like structure when under atmospheric pressure.

Gallium nitride, at room temperature, is insoluble in alkali and acid. It dissolves slowly in a hot solution of alkali. The use of NaOH and H2SO4 to corrode GaN crystals with low quality can detect any defects. GaN has unstable properties at high temperature under HCL and H2 gas. It is most stable when under N2 or N2 Gas.

The Application Of Gallium Nitride

Use of gallium nitride in electronic devices

GaN has a high breakdown field and low heat production rate. This material is important for high-temperature, high-power electronics and high-frequency microwave devices. With the advancement of MBE in the application and GaN materials, as well as breakthroughs in key technologies for thin film growth, a variety GaN heterostructures are successfully grown.

The powdered gallium nitride used in optoelectronics

GaN materials are ideal for light-emitting devices with short wavelengths. GaN, and its alloys, have a band gap that covers the spectrum from red through to ultraviolet. Since Japan created a homojunction GaN Blue LED in 1991 they have been followed by InGaN/AlGaN Double heterojunction Ultra-Bright Blue LEDs, and InGaN Single Quantum Well GaN LEDs. GaN UV detectors are being developed. They will be used in the early warning of missiles and for flame detection.

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