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neodymium powder is a solid metallic material that can be used to make neodymium-doped lasers. It is also used to colour glass.

Neodymium is one of the lanthanides, or elements in period 6 on the periodic table. It is part of a group of rare-earth metals that includes scandium, praseodymium, terbium, and lanthanum.

The valence shell of neodymium is far from the nucleus, so the electron affinity is very high, meaning that a large amount of energy is required to attach an electron to the atom. This explains why pure neodymium is a very strong magnet at cold temperatures, and why it is mixed with iron and boron to create an alloy that has the same properties at room temperature.

Its magnetic properties allow it to be used in the manufacture of very strong permanent magnets, which have reduced the size and weight of many electronics devices and even made some types of cars lighter in their engines. The use of these magnets in a range of products means that the demand for this rare earth is increasing year on year.

As with any rare-earth metal, neodymium prices are driven by supply and demand. This is determined by commercial sectors such as wind power and electric vehicles, which are increasing their use of neodymium-based magnets.

As a result, neodymium prices are always rising and remain a highly desirable investment. There are several ways for investors to become involved with neodymium, including funds, stocks, and rare-earth recycling companies.