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titanium aluminium carbide is a new type of ternary layered ceramic material with unique properties that have attracted wide attention from materials scientists and physicists. This hexagonal system has the characteristics of metal and ceramic: it has the same electrical and thermal conductivity as metal; it has a high modulus of elasticity similar to ceramics; it has good high temperature mechanical properties, as well as excellent thermal shock resistance, damage resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.

MAX Phase (Mn+1AXn) Carbide and Nitride

Mn+1AXn, or MAX, phases are a family of more than 80 layered, machinable, nanolaminated ternary carbides and nitrides, where M is an early transition metal, A is an A-group element, mainly from groups 13-16 and X is a C or N or B atom. The MAX phases are known for their large number of atomic layers and close packed arrangements.

Ti3AlC2 Max Powder

Aluminum titanium carbide is a multifunctional ceramic material that can be used as a precursor to nanomaterials and MXenes. It is also a great choice for conductive self-lubricating ceramics, lithium-ion batteries, supercapacitors and electrochemical catalysis.

American Elements produces titanium aluminium carbide to a variety of standard grades, including Mil Spec (military grade), ACS, Reagent and Technical Grade. Our titanium aluminium carbide is available in bulk quantities or packaged as a powder. Pricing can be customized based on your specific needs and application. Please request a quote to receive more information. We look forward to working with you!